Solar Harvested Organic Fine Sea Salt


  • Traditional Hand-Harvested
  • Certified Input for Organic
  • Rich in Mineral
  • Unrefined
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Solar Harvested Organic Fine Sea Salt

Pacific Natural Salt is produced using the solar evaporation process, harvested and carefully collected from specific crystallizer ponds. It is lightly washed so as to retain as many trace minerals as possible then screened to separate the large and fine crystals before being bagged.

Natural Sea Salt contains a higher level of the minerals Calcium and Magnesium than normal table salt, as these minerals are also naturally present in sea water. It is believed that this balance of minerals has beneficial effects on the body.

Solar salt is a natural mineral harvested from the sea, and minute quantities of extraneous matter are ever present in the final product no matter from what source. Physical separation techniques used by Dominion Salt are typical of those used in refineries around the world, and designed to minimize the level of extraneous matter.

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Some popular ways to use sea salt include sprinkling it on roasted veggies, adding it to chocolate-based desserts, and using it to season steaks, burgers, and fish.


Country of Origin:

New Zealand

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organic sea salt malaysia



250g, 400g



  • Build up strong immune system
  • Help in weight loss
  • Reduce high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and help to regulate an irregular heart beat
  • Prevent muscle pains, spasms and cramps

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