Brazilian Green Propolis


  • Boost the body’s immune system
  • Maintain our general well being
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Brazilian Green Propolis

What makes TreLife Welness Brazilian Green Propolis such a Premium? The content of propolis is up to 90%, much higher than other brands in its purity. Less emulsifier (only propylene Glycol) added which allows ways to deliver active materials in propolis. Normal brand in market 2 drops = TreLife Wellness Propolis 1 drop.

~Little Bee with Great Story~

The secret weapon keeps bee survive for 40 million years: In recent years, there has been an upsurge of propolis research in Eurasian medicine. Following the trending products like honey, pollen and royal jelly, propolis has become a favourable due to its content of active ingredients and benefits. Propolis is named from the Greek, Pro is protection, Polis is the city, Propolis is the protector of the city. Propolis is a mixture made by 21 days old bees, gathering resinous material from tree buds, stems or young leaves of plants, plus glandular fluid and beeswax chewing. Bees use propolis to build their nests, purify and repair their hives to protect their colonies, keeping them sterile for long periods of time and serving as the front line of defence for tens of thousands of lives. Bee fossils from 40 million years ago show little ecological change compared with today’s bees. It can be seen that bees can maintain their ecology for 40 million years with propolis protection. In 1968, French scientist Remy Chauvin proved that it was impossible to grow bacteria in a beehive. Propolis has powerful antibacterial benefits. Due to its unique biological functionalities, Propolis can be tracked as early as the Aristotle period in 350 B.C.; It was also recorded in Greek history that Propolis was used to treat wounds and infections; Ancient Egyptians used Propolis as one of the recipes to create the mummies; in 1899 during the Boer Wars, Propolis was used as anesthesia, disinfection medicine, as well as general wound healer. This is why Propolis has been widely studied and published in many medical researches nowadays.

Little Bee with Great Knowledge
1. How to judge good propolis?
The quality of propolis depends on the species, location, extraction method, flavonoid content, colour and smell

2. Why Brazilian green propolis?
First, Killer Bee (Brazilian bee and African bee species)
Brazilian green propolis from the primeval forests of the Amazon is made by Brazilian killer bees, which are weak and aggressive in order to protect their own colonies. And because the species is small, its propolis must have strong antibacterial properties to protect the colony. It contains only “Natural Immune Medicine” Artepillin C, which has medical level immune regulation function on human body. It is known as “Green Gold” and “National Treasure of Brazil”.

Second, Minas Gerais, Brazil, is recognized as the world’s best producer of propolis
Amazon rainforest: its plant species up to 20,000 species, the crown of the world, known as the “lung of the earth”, accounting for 50% of the total area of the tropical rainforest on the earth! Provide bees with the best natural pollution-free environment collection of pure Brazilian green propolis!
The weather in Brazil and the advantages of environmental conservation: it is hot and summer is long, so the bacteria can easily grow, prompting bees to produce strong propolis to protect them.
The natural resources are protected by the Brazilian government and are pollution-free.

Third, supercritical extraction method
Eight advantages of supercritical extraction of propolis:
1. Low temperature extraction, effective ingredients without high temperature damage
2. Anaerobic extraction, no oxidation loss of active ingredients
3. Do not worry about solvent residue
4. No heavy metal residue
5. Product composition can be quantified effectively and more accurately
6. Easy to take orally, no peculiar smell
7. For preventing germs and boosting immune system
8. Alcohol-free

Fourth, flavonoid content- Natural antibiotic
Flavonoids are the most important active components in propolis. The higher the content of flavonoids, the higher the effect of propolis.
Manufacturer provides regular propolis inspection report of each batch can be up to 5.9% flavonoids content, to ensure that consumers are using the highest grade propolis!

Fifth, colour and smell
TreLife Wellness’s Brazilian green propolis extract has a crisp, clear greenish-yellow, thick liquid texture that speaks volumes about the abundance of plant chromosomal flavonoids, and the following experiment confirms that after a year, TreLife Wellness’s Brazilian green propolis has not been discoloured by oxidation.
Comparison of different propolis species
Propolis species Colour Smell Taste
Brazilian Green Propolis Yellow and Green Fragrant, slightly spicy
New Zealand Propolis Coffee Colour Medicine Taste
China Propolis Black Clour Bitter Taste


10ml, 30ml


Little Bee with Great Nutrition

According to Marcucci, a Brazilian biochemist, propolis contains more than 300 kinds of nutrients in 1995. Among them, the content of flavonoids is the highest, which is also the essence of propolis. It is necessary for the human body, but it cannot be synthesized in the body, and must be ingested through the outside world. It is the main ingredient with the most pharmacological and antibiotic activity in propolis.

Propolis contains more than 200 substances including:


Flavonoids (34 kinds),

6 aldehydes,

6 ketones,

21 kinds of fatty acids and esters,

27 amino acids,

17 aromatic acids,

37 aromatic esters,

10 kinds of anthocyanins,

15 Terpenoids,

4 kinds of sterols,

4 kinds of polysaccharide polymers,

5 Vitamins

20 minerals.




Little Bee with Great Function

Ingredients and benefits of Brazilian green propolis

The function of flavonoids

Flavonoids are the most valuable nutrients in nature and the best natural antibiotics available today, and Brazilian green propolis contains more than 30 types of flavonoids:

– Helps reduce inflammation and purify blood

– Wound healing promotes cell regeneration,

– Anti oxidation, prevent free radical production

– Natural antibiotics

– Protect liver and detoxify, reduce blood sugar,

– Reduces blood clots

– anti allergy

– The body’s first line of defence:

It is especially helpful for sore throats, sore throats, and respiratory infections

  1. The function of vitamin P (rutin)

– Induce the body to produce natural interferon,

– Improves blood circulation

– Health enhancement

The enzyme:

  1. Trypsin

Ii. Cathepsin

Iii. Amylase

Iv. Lipase

Propolis contains enzymes that help the human body a lot. The most helpful enzymes are Trypsin and Cathepsin.

Trypsin: Converts to insulin.

Cathepsin: Converts into tissue amino acids, the ninth essential amino acid for growing children.

  1. Phenolic acids

– Organic acid, caffeic acid, cinnamic acid resistance, bacteria and mould

  1. Long fine

– Help to stabilize mood and purify body


Characteristics of TreLife  Wellness Brazilian Green Propolis:

TreLife Wellness partners with B-Tek Biotech Co. Ltd to produce Brazilian Green Propolis. Our partner has established bee-product manufacturing facilities in 3 different countries, including a Supercritical Fluid Extraction facility and research center in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Our partner has been involved with honeybee products for over 74 years with professionals and experts involved in the back end of beekeeping, production, processing, research and development.


The quality of TreLife  Wellness Brazilian Green Propolis is also supported by the Sanitary Certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil as well as third party Certificate of Analysis to ensure that our product is free of heavy metal residues and pesticides, perfectly safe and quality product for the consumers.


5 drops each time, 2 times daily before meals

Mix and stir well with warm water or juice


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