Why does Hani Milk contain MCT Oil?

Oil is one of the indispensable nutrients for the human body. The baby’s physical development, brain, and nerve development are inseparable from oil.

Babies are actually exposed to oil from birth

About 50% of the mother’s milk is oil, which is the main energy source for the baby between 0 and 6 months. The type of grease in mother’s milk is very rich, among which the medium-chain fat and the general diet can not see the short-chain fat accounted for a part. 

In particular, the structure of the adipose chain is also relatively unique, easy for the baby to digest and absorb, and intestinal healthy.

In addition, it not only helps the maintenance of body intestinal health but also resists harmful microorganisms. For example, a clinical study found that medium-chain fatty acids can significantly reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria. 

Hani Milk is the only plant-based formula in the market that is enriched with MCT Oil. It is extracted from coconut oil and contains approximately 70% healthy fats that help to improve energy, help your child’s brain health, and improve athletic performance!

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