Sulfur-Free Soft Lotus Seeds (150gram)


  • Enhance digestion
  • Augments heart health
  • Anti-aging
  • Promotes sleep
  • Manage Diabetes

Sulfur-Free Soft Lotus Seeds

What is sulfur? Ever wonder why do people search for “sulfur-free” tags on Chinese herbs?  Sulfur is a kind of natural minerals that is formed after a volcano eruption. Moderate usage of sulfur has antiseptic and anticorrosion properties, treats skin fungal infection, etc.  As demands on herbs have been increasing throughout the years, unscrupulous business owners misuse sulfur excessively to prolong herbs’ shelf lives.  Upon consumption over time, this may harmful to our health.

Lotus seeds or lotus nut is used in Asian cuisine and traditional medicine. Mostly sold in dried, shelled form, the seeds contain rich contents of protein, B vitamins, and dietary minerals.

Lotus seeds also known as a convenient snack that contains protein with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and potassium. The antioxidants are useful to slow the ageing process and help to fight inflammation. Chinese medicine use benefit of lotus seeds to treat heart problem and kidneys.

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  • Enhances Digestion: Being rich in fiber content, lotus seeds help keep the digestive tract in order. It regulates appetite, controls untimely cravings thus accelerating weight loss. Lotus seeds also detoxify the kidneys and liver, eliminating food wastes and preventing their accumulation in the body, thus maintaining gut wellness. Also Check Out: 5 Effective Tips To Follow For Optimal Gut Health-Infographic Nourishes the spleen and relieves diarrhoea


  • Augments Heart Health: Lotus seeds contain abundant magnesium in it. Magnesium being the greatest channel blocker improves the blood, oxygen and the flow of other nutrients. Low levels of magnesium can leave your body more prone to heart attacks. Such great is the content of Lotus seed that it leads to a dramatic difference in the heart condition. Its nutrition content of magnesium and folate brings down the risks associated with coronary heart diseases and other heart-related conditions.


  • Confers Anti-Aging Effects: The enzymes, which exist in Lotus seeds are supposed to inhibit ageing. L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase is the enzyme that assists the repairing and maintenance of the damaged proteins and boosting collagen synthesis within the body. Lotus seeds in powdered form are now being added to various cosmetics to reverse the process of ageing skin as well as diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


  • Promotes Sleep: Lotus seeds are supposed to have calming effects and are antispasmodic, which means, your nerves relax better and you get better sleep. It also helps the dilatation process of the blood vessels and helps immensely in alleviating depression and anxiety. This is thanks to the presence of isoquinoline alkaloids in Lotus seeds. Also Read: Foods that help to get a good night’s sleep


  • Helps Manage Diabetes: Lotus seeds inherently have a low glycemic index. Hence, they restrict a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. Lotus seeds also monitor insulin response in the body, maintaining glucose content in the bloodstream within the normal range. Consuming lotus seeds dried or roasted as an evening snack is ideal for a diabetic diet. As diabetes patients have a high risk of hypertension or high blood pressure, lotus seeds also contribute to stabilizing blood pressure levels in the body.



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