The Source of the Sugars

Mauritius Sugar Museum

Our 7 types of sugar including Dry Demerara, Standard Demerara, Super Icing Sugar, Fine Golden Caster, Dark Muscovado, Dark Brown Soft, and Brown Sugar, are all imported from Mauritius Sugar Syndicate which is traded by The Billington Food Group Limited (in the UK).

Mauritius, with its know-how in sugarcane cultivation and cane sugar manufacture forged over more than three and a half centuries, has since 1978, through continuous innovation, developed 17 different types of special unrefined sugars, each “crafted” into valuable ingredients for both household and industrial usage.

Not all sugars are the same. Mauritius has specialized in the manufacture of a wide range of “special sugars”, ingeniously crafted for locking-in rather than refining out, the natural elements of sugar cane juice while providing all the quality and food safety assurances required by the consumer. Being in the unrefined state, the products are more natural and wholesome, retaining the freshness of sugar cane juice.

As the special sugars are meant for direct consumption, they are manufactured in strictest compliance with quality and hygiene standards procedures, which are continuously improved to meet changing customers’ requirements. The mills producing these sugars are BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified. Quality assurance is also ascertained through detailed procedures governing the conditions for warehousing, testing and sampling, and stuffing of containers for export, in order to ensure that the special sugars are free from possible contamination until delivery at port of discharge.

In this way, we can see that the sugar from Mauritius Sugar Syndicate is very safe and guaranteed, which is why we imported the sugar with security.

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