What is GABA?

GABA is one of the important neurotransmitters in the brain, and its main function is to relax the nerves, just like the fan head of the nervous system.

What does GABA function?  ️

✴️ Regulate autonomic nerve, relieve tension, reduce pressure, improve performance

✴️ Promote the secretion of growth hormone, promote bone and muscle strengthening, improve immunity, reduce fat

✴️ Promotes the burning of neutral fats

✴️ Relieve and treat hypertension

✴️ Improve insomnia & sleep quality

✴️ Increase concentration & learning efficiency

GABA is not a drug. It is one of the natural amino acids found in plants and animals such as rice and vegetables. Many foods are rich in GABA. For example germinated brown rice, brown rice, tea, miso, natto, tomato, green pepper, pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, and so on. And it’s certainly legal to add GABA to food.

So who needs a supplementary GABA? 🤷 ️

✅ People who often feel nervous, anxious, or depressed

✅ People who often work in a high-pressure environment, such as athletes, office workers, etc

✅ Poor sleep quality

✅ Menopausal women

GABA is so important to the human body, of course, we must also create a good sleep environment to reduce insomnia!

❌ Avoid taking long naps or sleeping during the day

❌ Avoid eating too much food before bedtime

❌ Avoid strenuous exercise before bed

❌ Don’t smoke or drink before bed

✅ Regular morning or afternoon exercise

And finally, swipe your phone before bed! 

Let’s get rid of these bad habits! 

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