Indian Organic Black Rice


Indian Organic Black Rice

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Indian Organic Black Rice

Organic Black Rice

– has the reputation of ‘Black Pearl Rice’ and ‘The King of Rice’. It is also called the emperor’s tribute, medicinal rice, longevity rice, etc.

Black rice has a dark purple-black colour and a nutty taste, which is naturally sweet and delicious.

It is called longevity rice because of its high nutrient content and high anthocyanin content. Anthocyanin is an antioxidant pigment that gives black rice a unique colour.

In Chinese medicine, it is considered a blood tonic. It is not only a kind of rice rich in anthocyanin, phytochemicals, powerful anti-disease, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but also a kind of medicinal rice that helps prevent diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, and heart disease.

It also contains dietary fibre and even prevents weight gain.


  • Prevent arteriosclerosis
  • Control blood pressure
  • Scavenging free radicals and regulating immunity
  • Nourish Kidney
  • Help digestion
  • Anti-aging
  • Enrich the blood

The nutritional value of black rice

  • Contains potassium content of 4.4 times than ordinary rice.
  • The content of Vitamins B (except B12) contained is extremely high
  • Has the highest protein content among all kinds of rice. Black rice contains protein, carbohydrates, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other nutritional elements.
  • Contains manganese, zinc, copper and other inorganic salts that are mostly 1 to 3 times higher than other kinds of rice; it also contains nutrition such as Vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carotene, and cardiac glycosides that are lacking in rice.
  • Gluten-free. Suitable for people with gluten sensitivity.

The product is vacuum-packed to protect the rice, so as not to be easily oxidized and nutritionally deteriorated.

Official licenced product from USDA.

How to eat

  • Organic black rice can be used to cook congee and rice, as well as dessert sou and rice cake.
  • Wash the black rice, soak for three to four hours and cook the rice.





10kg, 500g, 900g

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